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From our SEM agency, we help you design an effective SEM strategy: we suggest campaign goals, developing efficient and valuable actions.
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We create profitable SEM campaigns

SEM campaigns increase the visibility of your brand. In this way, you achieve quality visits and an increase in the number of clicks, while we continue working to optimize your results. We take care of segmenting your audience and selecting the most beneficial keywords for your business to make you more visible among the competition.
Once underway, we will manage and optimize your campaign on a daily basis so you can recover your investment in the fastest way. We will access your campaign to assess the results and make the necessary improvements, at the same time that we present a monthly control report of goals along with new proposals.

SEM strategy from 0

If you want to increase the visibility of your website and get quality traffic, contact us. At ElephantPink, we are experts in SEM actions. We will make your Adwords and social media campaigns more profitable, and your visits more related to the profile of your Buyer Persona.
We have different departments for implementing campaigns and achieving the expected goals: designers, photographers, illustrators, music production, etc. In addition, we have the best tools to optimize your campaigns, so we will achieve the results that your project or your brand deserves.

Google Ads

Advertising on Google is a way to attract new customers who are looking for the services offered by your brand. We design campaigns that convert your website visits into customers, generating a positive return on investment.

Social Ads

Paid advertising on social media is essential to attract your audience to your site. We analyze the most suitable media for your business and create campaigns to generate sales, hold leads and get new visits.

Amazon Ads

Amazon Ads allows you to create ads for the audience to see your products when they search for similar ones. We update our strategies based on the algorithm and the specific needs of your business to guarantee the best results.

Complementary strategies

By investing in SEM, the SEO of your website improves by becoming more relevant to search engines. Developing a joint SEO and SEM strategy is essential to optimize and improve positioning when your audience searches for your products.