Music production services

Created in our music recording studio, we offer unique compositions and sound effects for your brand to connect with its target audience.
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Music production studio

Music is a tool that makes the difference between a mediocre project and one that grabs the attention of your target audience. Whether it is for a better position in a commercial project or for production focused on bands and solo artists, we take care of sound design, advertising music creation, record production and demo recording.
We will exploit the potential of your project based on the needs of your business model in an inspiring space, where talent, close treatment and the technical capacity of our team converge. You will be aware of all the new actions implemented to your project, so we can achieve what you are really looking for for your brand.

Music Marketing Agency

Your project will be taken care of by our music producer after our team studies your case. We will have fluid communication through the most convenient medium to present you the progress of your sound project and verify the status of the product.
The quality of our productions has been recognized on various occasions in the form of awards, although the most important thing for us is the loyalty of our customers, a symbol that our work meets the expectations that brands place on our production.

Sound design

The right sound has the power to change the way we perceive a brand. By combining the latest technology and our passion for sound, we will create a sound identity that will increase the quality and prestige of your project.

Production, editing and mastering

We carry out a complete musical production, focused on the elaboration of musical tracks, either for your social media or for the edition of brand sound content: arrangements, musical direction, recording, editing, mixing and mastering.

Original music

We make sure your project has the design of a soundscape adapted to your commercial or artistic needs, so the perfect balance is found between the audiovisual content and the emotions it conveys.

Own recording studio

Our studio is equipped with analog gear and instruments to achieve high resolution recordings. It is the perfect meeting point for music and technology to mix and achieve the best result for your project.