Creative graphic design studio

We create visual content, corporate identities and packaging that share the values of your product in an attractive way for your target audience.
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About us

We are a design agency for your company

As a graphic design agency, our biggest priority is making our clients' projects work as compelling and distinct stories. Specialized in global branding and visual communication projects, we take care of each project so your brand achieves an emotional connection with the audience.
We develop the design of all kinds of creatives, from online and offline ads to eye-catching publications for social media. We understand the effect that great branding has on the audience and we provide a brand design according to your project essence.

Trust in our branding services to build your brand's image

As a graphic design company, we help produce the visual identity of your project through different creative techniques: from the design of logos or websites, to the creation of packaging, images for social media, promotional flyers or brandbooks.
Our goal is for your brand to achieve a good position in the market and attract your target audience through our graphic design and illustration services. We will build the image of your business with all the graphic design tools we have to provide updated and modern visuals that will increase your brand reputation.

Design of logo and corporate image

Here at ElephantPink, we carry out creative branding that meets the needs of your brand, from logo design to graphic pieces, through visual identity or the creation of corporate manuals.

Editorial design, graphics and illustrations

In any advertising campaign, the editorial graphic design of promotional visuals is essential, as well as professional illustration for posters, editorial design or any project that seeks a unique touch.

Web design

We perform corporate web design services for your company or your online store. We offer efficient and responsible graphic design, aimed at achieving your business goals through a reinforced brand image.

Packaging, posters and prints

We make sure your brand image is reflected in the design of the packaging elements. In addition, we design everything your company needs: from a graphic illustration, an infographic or a poster where photography prevails.