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Applying visual hierarchy techniques, our designers use cutting-edge fonts and images to meet your brand needs.
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We create branding, the design agency your company needs

As a branding agency, here at ElephantPink we understand digital design as the best vehicle for your brand to develop its full potential, so your communication inspires and attracts consumers, creating an emotional connection with the brand and its values.
We elaborate a unique appearance for your company by designing all kinds of creativities: graphic, typographic and chromatic resources so your symbol can stand out on the different graphic supports. We understand the effect that great branding has on the audience and we provide a brand design according to your project identity.

Trust our design studio for your company image

Our goal is for your brand to achieve a good position in the market and attract your target audience through our design services. We will build the image of your business with all the graphic design tools we have to provide updated and modern visuals that will increase your brand reputation.
We will begin by collecting the necessary information to capture the personality of your project and thus develop its branding online, offline or both. For each of the elements, from our design agency we will create a visual code, coherent with the essence of the brand and easily recognizable by clients.

Corporate image creation

In our branding studio, we are specialists in creating corporate identities. We provide design and redesign services for logos, symbols and brandbooks, as well as online branding advice for companies.

Logo design

A logo is the minimum visual identity of your brand. We make sure it is easily recognizable, scalable, unique, current and useful with a view to the coming years, so the audience identifies the logo with the brand to which it belongs.

Selection of brand colors

Here at ElephantPink, we understand the relevance and meaning behind each color, so we will work to make yours a competitive and different brand in tune with the entire visual identity system that surrounds it.