Brand vision
Nike is an internationally famous American brand dedicated to the design of urban clothing and sports equipment. Its constant work to design innovative products has led it to be one of the brands that has developed performance technologies to boost athletes.
Inspired by the ease and comfort of the Pegasus Trail 2020, at ElephantPink we contemplated an ad that would include various creative disciplines such as photography, 3D design or music, to shape a story of self improvement that would produce an impact on the audience.
3D Modeling
Our motion graphics work relied on two main elements: the animation of the sneakers, together with their lighting; and the simulation of particles and a light fabric. All this with its subsequent rendering.
Motion Grahics
With the initial idea that the Pegasus Trail 2020 are urban sneakers that allow the consumer greater freedom, we began to produce a series of pieces that captured that liberation. In the first one, we placed the shoe inside a plastic bag that was intended to suffocate it.
We used the Vellum tool to emulate the plastic bag unsuccessfully compressing the sneaker. We animated the shoe and applied a collision to get the effect we were after. Finally, we worked on the textures of the bag stickers, the lighting and final composition.
Another piece focused on the contrast between shadows and light, to continue the story of self-improvement and freedom that leads the project. Starting with a looping animation of the sneaker, we created the silhouettes without complex textures, giving weight to the lighting. Again, we used Vellum to break up the fabric and play with light.
In the context of the freedom coup, we also developed several breaking processes between some concrete blocks and steel cables. We modeled the geometry of the cables in a procedural way, giving the curves of each thread a spiral shape, and animating them in Vellum. To model the concrete blocks with their imperfections, we used Boolean. Finally, we simulated the breaking of the panels using RBD techniques, taking the cables as collision agents.
Although they didn't make it to the final cut, we did a lot of testing building 3D environments. We carry out a procedural animation of cubes and containers. We added some simulated texts with Vellum on the latter, recreating the appearance of a half-detached sticker. All this with its final rendering in Redshift.
With a dynamic editing that brings that non-conformity associated with the product, we created a spot in the port of the Bay of Cádiz, an industrial space with long and narrow corridors made up of metal containers. We wanted to unite this urban factor with the search for freedom that the protagonists undertake. The work of the models, along with makeup and costume selection, were key elements in raising the idea of a new starting point.
Making of
With Nuke, we did several chroma jobs to compose backgrounds, applying tracking to the shots so the image followed the camera movement. For the making of, we applied several layers of transitions with an old-film effect, as well as some masks and tracking of the protagonists.
The work of recreating a 3D scene was one of our biggest challenges. We animated the sneakers in a digital representation of the scene, while recreating the rusty dust by simulating particles of different shapes, and moving them upwards.
Nike is a brand characterized by its urban and groundbreaking style, which is why we decided that the musical compositions and productions should attend to the genres of electronic dubstep and hip hop.